Arkansas River

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Arkansas River

Arkansas River

This project aimed to increase overall stream function along with native and sport fish habitat. Freestone Aquatics team completed the stream work on 0.85-miles of this privately held ranch, post-construction evaluation showed an increase in fish and macroinvertebrate habitat. The structures built helped create habitat at all flow levels and will provide excellent fishing opportunities going forward. 

Before construction, the project reach consisted of simple riffle pool complexes, deep riffle habitats, limited boulder structure, and no large woody structure. The thalweg was less defined in areas where the river displayed over wide characteristics resulting in deep riffle habitats. The river course displayed multiple areas that were inundated during higher flow regimes or runoff. The primary purpose of Freestone Aquatics’ activities included; enhancement of existing riffle-pool structure increased macroinvertebrate habitat, increased respite areas for migrating resident native and gamefish. Overall, we believe our efforts have provided a net gain in habitat on this property and will continue to help increase the overall function on this section of the Arkansas River.

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