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the Rocky mountain REgion's leading Stream Restoration and Aquatic Resource Experts

It is the sole goal and mission of Freestone Aquatics, Inc to bring our customers the highest level of uncompromising, professional environmental services. Our customers have trusted us with an aspect of their legacy that will be enjoyed by their families, friends, and clients for years, and it is our responsibility to provide them with the highest level of service, technology, and quality available. We have a sustainable and environmental obligation and responsibility to the precious resources of each property that we evaluate, design, and construct. We conduct ourselves in an ethical and moral manner at all times, while keeping the needs and goals of our customers in focus. We are loyally devoted to serving our customers and improving the environment.

Experienced team

Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations and provide them with an outstanding team of professionals.

Trusted company

With over 17 years of experience, we earn the trust of our customers through consistent and reliable service.

Guarantee of quality work

Freestone Aquatics has an in-house aquatic resource monitoring, design, and construction team working to provide quality work.

In-house team

As a design/build aquatic resource restoration and construction firm, the Freestone Aquatics team is involved in all aspects of our client's projects from start to finish.

Certified Employees

The team at Freestone Aquatics includes team members with training in GNSS surveying and Wetland Delineation.

Colorado based

Based out of Littleton, CO, Freestone Aquatics is well positioned to tackle projects throughout Colorado and the greater Rocky Mountain West

Charitable Donations

Being a good member of the community that gives back to the environment or helps encourage environmental stewardship is part of our business philosophy. It is the sole goal and mission of Freestone Group, Inc to bring our customers and neighbors the highest level of un- compromised and professional services. Part of this includes giving back the environment in the form of charitable donations and sponsoring river and other fishery rehabilitation projects as well as educational programs. The Freestone Group also believes that clear and consistent communication is a key element to help ensure our community understands the challenges our natural resources face and as well as the scope of resources, investments, businesses and individuals that are required to develop lasting solutions.


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We provide services for every stage of aquatic restoration

Stream Restoration and Enhancement

From turnkey evaluation, design, permitting, construction, monitoring to customized services and consultation, Freestone Aquatics has the ability to aid with nearly any stream restoration project. All projects related to live water have a unique set of challenges, and nearly all creeks, streams, and rivers have a dynamic personality. Understanding this, combined with extensive experience in the fields of fisheries habitat and environmental sciences, we have the tools and services that can be applied to all types of stream restoration projects

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Aquatic Ecosystem Evaluation

Whenever considering a project related to stream restoration, it is extremely important to understand the present conditions and dynamics of the aquatics ecosystem.

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Aquatic Habitat Construction

Following the habitat evaluation, design, and permitting phases, Freestone Aquatic's skilled team of equipment operators will make interventions that meet the needs of your aquatic ecosystem.

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Aquatic Habitat Design

Proper stream habitat design will greatly increase a stream’s water quality, macroinvertebrate population, sediment transport, and improve trout habitat, which in turn results in larger, healthier fish.

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Stillwater Management and Construction

Freestone Aquatics has and continues to be trusted by landowners to construct, restore, and manage stillwater fisheries across the West. Our well respected team of skilled heavy equipment operators, engineers, and fisheries scientist work hard to overcome the challenges often associated with optimizing the performance of impoundments, as well as, maintaining the health of stillwater fisheries.

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Fisheries Consulting

Freestone Aquatics provides clients with aquatic species inventory, aquatic resource consulting, aquatic and riparian vegetation management plans to best inform management practices.

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Fisheries Management

Since Freestone Aquatics' inception, the company has been trusted to manage fisheries with a variety of goals in mind by creating a management plans that fit needs of landowners, private clubs, or outfitting businesses.

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Ranch Management

Freestone Aquatics offers clients a spectrum of property management services geared toward ranch and crop producing assets. These interventions are tailored to the needs of a property, aiming to enhance access, aesthetics, and ecological function.

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Freestone Aquatics offers our clients a variety earthwork services. These interventions are tailored to the needs of a property, aiming to enhance aesthetics, access, as well as, practical and ecological function.

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