A large sustainable trout population all starts with trout habitat. Excellent trout habitat promotes a healthy ecosystem for all other stream dwelling organisms as well. Proper stream habitat design will greatly increase a stream’s productivity, and better trout habitat will result in larger, healthier trout. Utilizing the skills of the best available professionals, Freestone Aquatics has the resources and teams to design and implement what our customers desire in a sustainable river ecosystem.

Colorado Rainbow Trout

The design stage is a significant aspect to the success of any stream restoration project. Different projects entail different objectives including improved riparian habitat, waterfowl habitat, or trout habitat.The design phase consists of tiered collaboration of landowners, fisheries/wildlife professionals, hydrologists, engineers, and permitting agencies allowing us to provide a comprehensive stream design promoting a sustainable aquatic ecosystem. Whether your project requires restoration, enhancement, or creation, Freestone Aquatics has the ability to design an ecosystem around your desires and recreational goals. Hoping for larger more robust trout with ample spawning habitat? Allow Freestone Aquatics to design your stream’s trout habitat and they will come!