Freestone Aquatics’ property management and fisheries management services can be applied to an entire property or focused on a single body of water. We have the capability and experience to design and execute a fisheries management plan for our clients’ lakes and streams, as well as the ability to develop an entire property management plan. We also offer the opportunity to educate landowners and caretakers so they may make informed decisions when managing the property and fisheries themselves.

Some of our property management and fisheries management practices entail:
  • Fisheries management planning
  • Native Plant introduction and management
  • Aquatic vegetation management
  • Recreational use management planning
  • Fish stocking
  • Property maintenance
  • Facilities design, construction, and maintenance
  • Fencing, gates, and livestock watering access
  • Picnic and campsite establishment and management
  • Trail creation and upkeep
  • Interpretive signs
  • Fisherman access