Fisheries Consultants

The professionals of Freestone Aquatics have been providing fisheries consultation services for over 15 years. Our fisheries consultants have been depended upon for large, small, public, and private projects all over the US. The depth of experience within Freestone Aquatics fisheries consultation services includes the following: Working with private landowners that would like to improve their fishery resource while maximizing their water resource; high-end lifestyle communities that depend on their recreational fishery; private fishing ranches that make a living off of their fishery; and public land fisheries development/restoration to be enjoyed by all. The goal within Freestone Aquatics when working with any fisheries element is to gain the maximum fishery improvements that are sustainable and of the highest value to our clients. From increased numbers of larger fish, to seasonal holdover, to fish migration, to spawning potential, etc, the fisheries consultants of Freestone Aquatics can assist in reaching your fishery’s goals. As with all of our services, our fisheries consultation services are customized to meet the needs and budget of all warm-water and cold-water fisheries.