Aquatic Ecosystem Evaluation is the first step in finding the hidden potential within any piece of property. Whenever considering a project related to stream restoration, it is extremely important to understand the present conditions and dynamics of the aquatics ecosystem. Depending on the project, this can be as simple as taking a few samples or it may involve a more intensive analysis that can take several seasons.

The primary consideration of Freestone Aquatics while performing any ecosystem evaluation is to understand the goals and vision of the project, large or small. Once the goals of the project have been clearly established, Freestone Aquatics can then provide an ecosystem evaluation plan that is economically viable and biologically sound to reach the goals of your aquatic resource.

Freestone Aquatics does evaluations of properties on behalf of landowners, realtors, potential buyers, property management professionals, and construction professionals for the use of planning, sustainable development, and recreation.

Stream Evaluation after Survey