Regulatory Compliance & 404 Permitting

  • A cornerstone of every project involves regulatory compliance or project authorization. Freestone efficiently navigates the 404 permitting process for projects of all scopes and sizes.  Whether the project requires an Individual 404 Permit issued by the Army Corps of Engineers or written authorization through local governing agencies, Freestone’s team of permitting experts will ensure that the project efforts will be in full compliance with all appropriate oversight agencies.  Freestones extensive catalogue of Permitting efforts include:
    • Nationwide Permits – 3-Mainteneance, 13-Bank Stabilization, 18-Minor Discharges, 19-Minor Dredging, 27-Aquatic Habitat Restoration/Enhancement, 37-Emergency Watershed Protection/Enhancement
    • Regional General Permits – 12-Aquatic Habitat Improvement, 37-Stream Stabilization
    • Standard Individual Permits
    • Letters Of Permission
    • Exempted Activities Authorizations
  • Pics