Basline Study



Pond Consultation by Freestone Aquatics

Working closely with the client, Freestone properly assesses pond and lake environments to identify limiting factors, hindering the aquatic environments potential and productivity. Through meticulous data collection and biological analysis, The Freestone team of Biologists and Environmental scientists can isolate parameters and prescribe beneficial treatments leading to a more robust aquatic environment. Regardless of the size of the body of water, Freestone’s cost effective treatments produce value driven results. Common limiting factors include:

  • Excessive Alagae and Aquatic Vegetation Growth
  • Lake/Pond Eutrophication (Aquatic Environment Aging)
  • Excessive Nutrient Loading
  • Gamefish Population Dynamics
  • Forage Base Population Dynamics
  • Recreational Use-Practices
  • Lake/Pond Depths and Contours