The incorporation of Lake-Bed Aeration can often be the single most important element of lake-pond restoration. Simply stated increased levels of dissolved oxygen can have the greatest beneficial impact on stillwater environments.  Eutrophication or pond aging is the accumulation of nutrients in stillwaters.  These nutrients lead to excess algae and vegetation growth.  Aeration facilitates and expedites the removal and decomposition of these problematic nutrients.  In addition to the management of nutrient loading additional benefits of Lake-Bed Aeration include:

  • Allows for outgassing during periods of ice-cover eliminating fish kills
  • Improves overall water quality and clarity
  • Often reduces the need for chemical treatment through the natural removal of nutrients
  • Environmentally safe for all aquatic inhabitants
  • Provides circulation eliminating stratification which leads to seasonal pond turnover

All Freestone Aquatics aeration systems are designed and built to satisfy the needs of the specific lake-pond in question.