Lakes and Ponds

Lake Restoration and Pond Restoration is a common need for all stillwaters that are not continually monitored and properly managed.  Freestone Aquatics has a wide spectrum of tools and experience that can be applied to Lake and Pond Restoration.  The employees of Freestone Aquatics have been involved with large lake restoration projects with substantial challenges and rewards, as well as small private ponds that simply need a tune up an a revised management plan. Freestone Aquatics believes that every lake and pond is unique.

It is well understood that all lakes and ponds that are not in balance will eventually go through a degradation process.  Whether a lake’s limiting factor is sedimentation, aquatic vegetation overgrowth, water quality, or high temperatures, applying the correct lake restoration methods can produce excellent results.  Some example benefits of Freestone Aquatics lake restoration and pond restoration include a sustainable fish population, increased spawning potential, larger fish, increased forage base for fish, aquatic vegetation growth in equilibrium, and water quality improvements.